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October 7, 2012
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EDIT: Added 100 new responses and the more annoying replies have been replaced by new ones, so it's more like 100+ new quotes. :D

Here's my Ask Daniel Flash Game as promised! :dummy:

I have been working on it for a while, the most painful part was putting together a bunch of sentences for him.
If I give him more sentences, I will update this deviation for you guys to play with.

:bulletblack:Game Details:bulletblack:
The game is designed to answer yes or no questions.
Non yes or no questions can work but there's a low chance it will make sense.
Statements may work, but there's a really low chance it will make sense.
Sticking with Yes or No is the best thing to do. :D

Pressing the 'Pg Up'/'Page Up' button on your keyboard will press 'Ask' for you. (designed for laptop keyboards, sorry pc users..)

My original deviation of Danny (Higher Quality) : [link]

:bulletblack:Thank You:bulletblack:
Thank you for viewing/reading/playing and don't forget to comment with your best conversations with Danny. :XD:

PS. There are two secret clickables in the game, see if you can find them. Don't spoil it for the others if you found them. ;P
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SpiralingCy Mar 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist

This is current cheshire cat. These are scripted through my character, by the way, and this is the more depressing one.

Me: Daniel, I have returned. It has been a while, has it not? Thank the puppets that I have found someone that I know I can trust for a change.

Daniel: Everyone lies

Me: But not you… right? You're like I remember, right? You haven't changed… Like them... I know that for a fact.

D: I'll distract them while you escape!

Me: Wow…R-really?Thank you.

D: I don't trust you. Don't steal my page!

Me: Wh-what? Page, but Daniel I thought-

D: ----------- ( can't remember, forgot to write down)

Me: You're confusing me!

D: What do you want?!

Me: Great, another maniac friend… I will help you, and lose my own freedom to please you. This was supposed to be an escape from reality, but I guess I shouldn't be allowed that privilege.

D: Can you remember anything from yesterday?

Me: Every single second of every single BURNING day sticks like an unwanted child to the threads of my existence. You must forget, while I must remember, right? Ironic, considering we want one another's fate, but upon having it, we are discontent.

D: Maybe

Me: You don't like philosophy, do you? I thought you'd be different… Do you know what I even went through to get back to you here?!

D: Make sure to keep a cupboard door open to hide in.

Me: What, why? Is something out there? Would it be nice enough to kill me? I thought I took care of the only thing here… Maybe they weren't just hallucinations.

D: Hide in here! * tries to shove into wardrobe*

Me: *Surprisedly gets shoved into wardrobe* What are you doing?!

D: It's not my fault!

Me: I know, calm down, you'll get through this.

D: I'll distract them and let you escape!

Me: Only if you come too!

D: There's no telling what horrors await.

Me: I know, isn't it BEAUTIFUL and MADDENING at the same time?!

D: Cupboard door thing.

Me: Hiding from monsters is like ignoring your own fate.

D: I think they can hear us…

Me: Well then, let's get a move on! This mansion must have an exit somewhere…

D: It is inside the castle!

Me: Sorry! jeez, castle, alright! You have a tight vocabulary, don't you? It's like me with cards. Ace of spades?

D: Is the shadow still following me?

Me: B-but Daniel, the shadow is our only friend! Sh-she helps me whenever I am alone, she speaks to me, and calms us…Why are you so judgmental? You're like the others… The others that she hates, because they never understand her. * to no one * I'm sorry, he's new… please, don't hurt him.

D: You distract them while I escape.

Me: Like always, I get thrown under the bus by a friend who I should never have trusted. * Acts like puppet * alright though, I will. You would do the same for me, right?

D: What's the reason for asking?

Me: Well, I just thought, because you seemed to be actually decent…. * face falls * never mind, just… escape. Dying here is the least of my worries, I guess…

D: Shame will hurt much less than dying, I assure you.

Me: Why? Why do you want me to live? Do you hate me? Besides, the shame of what I have done… Just leave me here, I am happier with the shadows. Do you hate me?

D: I don't have the luxury of argument.

Me: I know. I know how it feels to be a puppet, commanded by a supposed friend's playful fingers. But I am not that person. Be yourself! Please!! I can't stand the truth from the mouths of the others, but will you, the only one who has ever tried not to hurt me, not lie to me? 

D: Yes

Me: Really? That means a lot...Thank you!

D: There is nothing left, everything is gone.

Me: Hey, I am here, I will be your friend, and you will live. My time is drawing to an end, but you just need to get out of this castle, that's all. Quick, follow me! Before the time is up!

D: They're lying.

Me: Which ones? 

D: Don't be silly.

Me: All of them, right. I already knew that. I just kind of hoped…

D: If I told you there was a brute behind you, promise me you wouldn't tell.

Me: I am ready to embrace death. Goodbye….

D: Kill them all and burn the castle down!

Me: No, no… Don't do that for me. You will surely die. Your future awaits you, Daniel. While your time stays within the playfulness of your youth, mine must drag on. My childhood friend, even though my death is before my time, I am glad that yours will be the last face that I see.* dies *

Insanity-Installed Mar 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Omg that was amazing, both the young and old Cheshire Cat. Very well done. xD
SpiralingCy Mar 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
SpiralingCy Mar 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This is young cheshire cat. Old cheshire cat will have a more evolved dialogue and be... depressing.

This is young cheshire cat.

Me: Do you remember me?

Daniel: Pull the lever!

Me: Alrighty then…

Daniel: I don't trust you!

Me: But-but why? I thought I could be your friend…

Daniel: We are both trapped

Me: Yes we are. But with two brains like ours, don't you think it is the cat, rather than the mice, that are in trouble?

Daniel: It is inside the castle!

Me: Then let us find it! Allons-Y!

Daniel: No.

Me: Come on, you can make it a little longer Daniel!

Daniel: It was the Baron!

Me: Yes, that's it! There's that determination! That spark of inspiration in the middle of an eternal winter! That...that beautiful FIRE!

Daniel: Use it for the ritual.

me: use what? My smile? Daddy says that if I smile, the world will melt underneath me...

Daniel: Quiet, someone's coming!

Me: I think we can hide here! * vanishes *

Daniel: Don't let him get me!

Me: * Reappears and throws into hiding place* I'll take care of him, you stay hidden!

Daniel: I'm hungry, do you have any food?

Me: I can feed you later, just shh...shh... He's coming!

Daniel: Did Alexander put you up to this?

Me: W-what? Y- you don't trust me? But I thought we were friends...

Daniel: I'm not to blame!

Me: Of course, it is all my fault.

Daniel: No.

Me: Really? D-does that mean that daddy was wrong?

Daniel: Maybe she knows?

me: Who is she? Al-no..Is she ni-i-iiice aaaaah! HELP ME! HEEELP MEEE! * gets dragged away, screaming*

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Sonicxgal2546 Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
first question: Me: Are you ok? Daniel: No. Me:....-^-
Insanity-Installed Feb 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Well at least he's honest. e-e
Sonicxgal2546 Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Insanity-Installed Oct 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist

:bulletgreen: Me: Daniel~ What's up? o3o

:bulletblack: Daniel: From everyone I've met so far, you are my favorite.

:bulletgreen: :iconohstopityouplz: Aw ilu Daniel.

:bulletblack: Maybe.

:bulletgreen: What so I don't love you? o-o

:bulletblack: That's just silly.

:bulletgreen: Aw but it's true Danny Daniel!

:bulletblack: You don't have to yell. (How did you knoooow)

:bulletgreen: It's true.

:bulletblack: You're supposed to be asking yes or no questions.

:bulletgreen: Okay then. Is it true that I love you? (wtf)

:bulletblack: Do whatever it takes to figure it out.

:bulletgreen: o-o What..?

:bulletblack: Did you take my diary!?

:bulletgreen: I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN TO- even though I did mean to..

:bulletblack: Blame the barrels.

:bulletgreen: Excatly.

:bulletblack: I'll distract them and let you escape!

:bulletgreen: I won't leave you with the barrels~. *dramatic music*

:bulletblack: I'm not sure.

:bulletgreen: You're right. *runs*

:bulletblack: Why did you come to the castle?

:bulletgreen: Because I don't want to go to sleep. o3o

:bulletblack: It doesn't make sense.

:bulletgreen: Well. It's nearly 4am and I'm not tired.

:bulletblack: Who are you to question me!?

:bulletgreen: Then why did you question me~!?

:bulletblack: My name is Daniel, not 'Danny'.

:bulletgreen: Danny Daniel. e-e

:bulletblack: No.

:bulletgreen: Yes. e3e

:bulletblack: Who knows?

:bulletgreen: Me. And I say your name is Danny-Daniel.

:bulletblack:Do not turn around..

:bulletgreen: oaerblhjaenklhj I got goosebumps when you said that.

:bulletblack: I.. I trusted you!


:bulletblack: Pick up that bag of Milky Ways.

:bulletgreen: NOOOO KILL IT *pours acid on it*

:bulletblack: Why must you say such things.

:bulletgreen: Because it took advantage of your trust and was about to summon a grunt. u-u

:bulletblack: Who knows?

:bulletgreen: Me. u3u

:bulletblack: ..And followed me to the kitchen I was like 'Stop following me, I'm hungry!' and he was like 'blargh?' and I was like..

:bulletgreen: ..'Dude I don't want the Milky Ways' and he was like 'blargh!' and you were like.. 

:bulletblack: What have I done? (lol xD)


:bulletblack: Did you drink from the amnesia mixture?

:bulletgreen: Well you seemed to like it so I thought, why not. *drinks more*

:bulletblack: Do not turn around..

:bulletgreen: Oh fuck, not more Milky Ways..

:bulletblack: The answer is very obvious.

:bulletgreen: Naked Alexander? o-e

:bulletblack: Why isn't he with us? Didn't he want to come?

:bulletgreen: Wtf Daniel, 1.He lied to you and 2.He is the reason for so much Amnesia yaoi. 

:bulletblack: Don't touch my note.

:bulletgreen: *touches*

:bulletblack: "Redeem us both Daniel. Descend into the darkness where Alexander waits and murder him." -Daniel

:bulletgreen: See man, even your past self is telling you to kill him.

:bulletblack: We have to keep moving.

:bulletgreen: Actually I'm starting to get tired now, so I might go to bed. u-u

:bulletblack: Kill them all and burn the castle down!

:bulletgreen: Well that would be an interesting dream..

Icealeen Oct 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Daniel: What is it that you want to know?
Me: WHO ARE YOU!? (It was a pun on Amnesia)
Daniel: Did I have a girlfriend before I took the the potion?
Me: I'm the one asking the questions here!
Daniel: I'll distract them and let you escape.
Me: Aw, how nice of you.
Daniel: Shame will hurt much less than dying, I assure you. 
Me: Are you saying I should be ashamed!?
Daniel: I think they can hear us..
Me: Oops, sorry Danny.
Daniel: My name is Daniel, not 'Danny'.
(I was really surprised there)
Daniel: Are you my friend?
Me: Maybe I am, maybe I'm not.
Daniel: I trusted you..
Me: Really?
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